Erectile Dysfunction – Is Impotence Hereditary?

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There are millions of men in the world who are rightfully worried about whether or not their impotence problem is actually going to go away at some point. Many try to change their diets and take pills in order to solve the problem, which is actually quite a good way to do things. Nonetheless, the large majority of men do not realize that impotence is a hereditary disease that can be passed from one person to the next through DNA. It is not always just the impotence, but rather a combination of that and the constricted blood vessels and arteries that might be a result of family ties as well. In the following article, we will help you to determine whether or not impotence is hereditary in your family and how you can prevent it still.

Impotence and Hereditary Problems

It is not often that people are able to get over there erectile dysfunction if they have a hereditary defect. Many men in the world just have skinny blood vessels and arteries, which makes the blood flow to the penis very weak in general. When this is compounded with a poor diet that fills up with cholesterol and plaque, you have the result for a very young impotent person.

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If you are facing a hereditary disease that you contracted from your father, it is something that you may not have total control over. However, if you are able to control the diet that you eat on a regular basis, you will definitely be able to avoid having problems. Make sure you are eating foods that are high in the good cholesterol, such as eggs and fish, and not the bad types of cholesterol, such as red meat that is corn fed. These things will make a huge difference in whether your hereditary problem comes to fruition.

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